Your Moment is Now

A unique moment in time

There has simply never been a better time in the history of women in the workplace to make the greatest strides of all time.



Leaders across all industries recognize that companies with greater gender diversity at all levels simply out perform other companies. And what does that mean for you?

Most companies are in full force trying to recruit more women, retain and promote more women because they know the value we bring to the table that simply results in better business outcomes. Translated further, your company will do almost anything to keep you and another company will do anything to get you. That’s called leverage and it’s yours to use!



As we exit the global pandemic, we are entering into a shift of work, and the playing field is now tilted in your favor.  

Many positions will now be part of a remote workforce and now there are much fewer constraints on trying to fit a corporate office hours around family logistics!  Also, you can now apply for jobs in almost any part of the country without having to move the family!



Navigating this new world and getting the most of this moment will take new thinking, it changes so much in terms of how we think about getting promoted, how we think about going after new jobs, and how we negotiate aspects of any job.

Our career coaches will help you navigate and succeed in this new world. 

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Advance Your Career

Get Promoted

Companies in the top-quartile for gender diversity on executive teams were 21% more likely to outperform on profitability and 27% more likely to have superior value creation.

Lead Teams

Lead TeamsCompany profits and
share performance
can be close to 50% higher when women are well represented at the top.

Earn More

earn more 2
60% of women would earn more if paid the same as men with equal education and work hours.

Lead The Future of your Organization

Increase your talent pool

increase pool 267% of job seekers consider workplace diversity important.

increase pool 1+50% employees want workplaces to do more to increase diversity.

Retain female employees

Retain femaleOnly 40% of women feel satisfied with the decision-making process at their organization, leading to job dissatisfaction and poor employee retention.

Create + foster an inclusive culture

The majority of women in the workforce feel excluded from decision making, do not feel comfortable expressing their opinions, and do not feel as though they can succeed.

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