Rise through your field without limits. Achieve the career you want without compromise.


Fiercely dedicated to empowering women in their careers

If you feel it’s time for a bold change, but aren’t sure how to move forward…

If you’ve been passed up for a promotion, and know it should have been you…

If you are wondering how to negotiate that salary raise or get to a higher level in your career…

If you want to significantly increase your compensation, and improve your work-life balance…

If you are struggling to have a voice in the workplace and feel like your contributions aren’t valued…

If you are a leader struggling to achieve gender diversity in your organization…

You’re not alone.  Let’s talk.

Let’s partner to create powerful outcomes

We’ve been where you are right now and know first-hand what it takes for women to thrive and be tremendously successful in their careers.  It’s all possible when you understand the many unwritten business rules needed to succeed.  Our career coaches have come from the business world, starting at the first rung and rising to executive levels.  This gives us the experience to share with you winning strategies and very simple and practical tactics that will forever be in your career toolkit, and will be key to your immediate and long term success.   We were able to rise in our careers, without limits, and without compromise.  We’ve done it, and you can too. And the time is now.

It’s time to think big and define the future.   While we partner with women across all fields, we specialize in our partnerships where women are underrepresented in their fields (i.e. STEM) and/or levels (i.e. Mgt to C Suite).  

The Ascentiya Approach

At Ascentiya, we believe in a customized approach. It’s all about one-on-one relationships and guidance. Through coaching, we help women explore and achieve how to manage the career they envision. Through corporate advising, we help companies drive toward a Diverse and Inclusive culture with hands on, action oriented D&I programs customized for your organization and designed to create an inclusive environment required to support your diversity objectives.    Let’s work together.

Our Offerings

Career Coaching Trish Torizzo Ascentiya 2

Work one-on-one with your coach to develop a strategic career plan that you are passionate about, one that is uniquely yours. From the very start, you’ll learn real-world tactics and strategies you can start using immediately. Together, we’ll explore how you can build a future that fulfills your goals. Leverage this moment to rise on your own terms.

Corporate Advising Trish Torizzo Ascentiya 3

Partner with us to create a truly inclusive culture thats required to achieve your diversity efforts, to drive for high performance and innovation, and effectively compete in the marketplace.   Inclusivity is essential today and necessary to be relevant in the future.  It’s time to be a leader in diversity and inclusion – the stakes have never been higher.

Speaking and Events Trish Torizzo Ascentiya 1

Let’s fuel passion, awareness, and action. We offer powerful speaking and workshop development opportunities that create immediate impact. Partner with us to motivate and inspire employees, project teams, or women-centered groups at your next corporate or organizational event. Let’s inspire the art of the possible.

Join the Ascentiya Community Now

Our virtual community is launching soon! Join us to connect with a diverse community of professional women, like you, driven to elevate their lives and careers and without limits. We’ll provide monthly webinars, host group coaching sessions, and share tips and tricks that pave the way to achieving your career goals. We can’t wait to see you there.